Ground breaking leisure and
fitness club management software

Software that has incisive focus on the management of each individual venue and how it is performing at both micro and macro level.


Enabling senior teams to get an up-to-the-minute view of how the whole group is operating. Drawing the teams into an early conversation about what is working well and what needs attention.


Building a culture of shared ownership and accountability by providing real-time statistics on sales, turnover and a wide range of other vital KPIs which reflect the performance of each venue.

What’s special about Hedgehog

The development of our software is driven by the business needs of our clients

We have unique technical expertise and an in-depth understanding of the fitness and leisure marketplace, unrivalled in the sector. Our managing director David Waugh has over 30 years’ experience of working in IT at executive level.  David has been able to use his unique range of expertise as a former IT director of one of the UK’s largest fitness groups, a fitness club owner and a franchisee to drive the development of our market leading software.


We design and develop all our software in-house in the UK and don’t rely on any external contractors or overseas developers.  We take the time to listen to our clients so that we can produce solutions which perfectly meet the challenges they are dealing with.  For example, Hedgehog is currently working very closely with all its clients over the COVID closure period and rapidly developed a solution which helped them retain over £250k of membership income each month while at the same time minimising the number of membership cancellations.


We are already well on the way to developing an innovative solution to manage the expected restrictions on volume and activity across leisure centres and fitness clubs when they reopen.  This will ensure maximum flexibility and safety for members of the public leading to optimal levels of venue usage.



new members

We improve the efficiency of your membership acquisition strategy by providing tools to customise and automate your membership lifecycle from initial collection of prospect details through to membership renewal and referral.


Our reports help you to understand every inch of your business. See everything from sales by team member through to club income per month.

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Fully integrated Direct Debit Management Solution

Our software system is fully integrated with the fitness industry’s leading providers of direct debit collection. Clients are delighted with collection rates that are amongst very best in sector.  Many have seen a significant reduction in rejection rates.


Managing key performance indicators across multiple sites

We provide razor sharp insight into a wide range of key performance indicators. We enable line managers to quickly locate venues that are over performing compared with those who are failing to meet targets.​

Fully integrated customer relationship management functions are designed to maximise member retention and renewals.


Empower Your Team to

Deliver Results

Our up-to-the-minute performance data enables managers to identify problems and intervene swiftly to resolve them.


We provide a real-time dashboard which can group venues together in different ways. It will allow managers to focus on groups of clubs that may need special attention. It also allows managers to spot initiatives that are delivering great results in one location to bring this good practice to the attention of others.