What is the Hedgehog Concept?

Our Hedgehog Concept for business is best illustrated as the intersection of three circles and it's more than just a strategy, it's really an understanding about what it takes to be a successful company in the long term.


In simple terms these are:

  • Identify what makes you great

  • Embrace your passion

  • Understand what drives your economic engine


Successful companies set their goals and strategies based on empathic relationships with their clients, as a complete understanding of their needs is the key to developing long-term partnerships and the sustainable growth that come with them.


Our Mission

We aspire to be a company who implicitly understand our clients' needs and focus all our efforts on delivering world-class solutions to their problems.

What we're best in the world at:

We believe we have developed the best club management software on the globe.

Our passion:

We are passionate about transforming the lives of people through health and fitness.

What drives our economic engine:

Our partners' growth drives our economic engine, and by developing a world-class software solution that increases their effectiveness, efficiency and profitability we will continue to share in their future success.