COVID-19 Pandemic: Protecting Your Income

The only supplier able to deliver dynamic and real-time campaigns during the lockdown.

Our campaigns allowed members to continue to pay a contribution to the club during difficult times.  By allowing member opt-in, we secured hundreds of thousands of pounds of much-needed monthly revenue for our customers.  No other supplier did that.


Further developments which are being delivered soon include:

  • A brand new CRM process which allows clubs to keep track of all of the members who were current before the crisis started.  It prompts the staff to contact members and lets them record the outcome of conversations, for example, if a member who has cancelled would like to be contacted again when a date for reopening is announced.

  • The ability to extend and update freezes en masse.

  • A central report showing real time statistics for each venue on the number of current, frozen and cancelled memberships.

  • The ability to sign up a new membership but defer the first payment until the venue reopens.

  • In preparation for a gradual and initially restricted return to normal, functionality to track and control how many members use the venue at any one time.

  • Automatic extension of end dates for pre paid memberships.

At Hedgehog, we have a very close working relationship with our clients.  We see their success as being inextricably linked to ours so we always try to put ourselves in their shoes and to consider what’s in their best interests as well as what’s in ours.  When it looked like the Government were going to announce the COVID shutdown we wanted to get ahead of the game.  We planned campaigns with each of our clients which meant that members could very simply choose whether to keep paying some or all of their monthly direct debits or to freeze payments completely.  Remarkably, this resulted in pledges from thousands of members to continue paying hundreds of thousands of pounds a month to our clients.  This was a totally automated process which required no manual effort from clubs themselves.


Since then, we have been working round the clock to develop functionality to help our clients keep in touch with their members and to protect their membership base.  We’re also helping to ensure that they’re in the strongest possible position to be able to react when things begin to return to normal.  We’re not making any additional charges for all of this extra development work and we managed to keep most of our developers working even with a reduction to our normal monthly charges.

We firmly believe that it is being a relatively small organisation which works in such close partnership with its clients that uniquely positions Hedgehog to provide elegant, sophisticated and robust solutions to square up to the considerable challenges which its partners face.  Our software was designed and developed by a group of people who have massively extensive technical knowledge as well as many years’ experience of working directly in the health and fitness industry.


Now is the time, while your business is closed, to compare the software you are using with Hedgehog’s amazing software offer. We cannot meet face-to-face just know but if you click here you can connect to the Managing Director who will set up a demo and a conversation with you and your team quickly.